How to control irregular menstruation by using yogic hand gestures.

Aakash S
4 min readAug 28, 2022


Certain yoga poses and breathing exercises prove beneficial for treating menstruation-related problems.

The hand gestures a yogi makes during meditation or some sacred kriyas practice are called mudras. They are used to evoke a particular state of mind and have the ability to change one’s mood, attitude, or perspective. Mudras are gestures that promote the flow of energy in the subtle body and deepen your yoga experience.

More on Yoga Mudra

Various hand gestures known as yoga mudras can be used to treat the pain of menstruation and regularize it. They help in stabilizing excessive bleeding, abdominal pain, and the overall system to relieve irregular symptoms.

Mudras treat the problem of irregular menstruation in the most natural way. Mudras relax muscles and nerves that are constantly under stress and irritability. On a subtle level, mudras have the ability to regulate the flow of prana in the body which can bring hormonal secretion in balance during periods. Physically, they relax the abdominal muscles, thereby soothing the menstrual cramps.

One of the major advantages of practicing mudras is that they can be performed while relaxing, sitting, or lying down.

For example, prana mudra is beneficial for easing menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, pelvic discomfort, and back pain associated with the periods.

You can practice this mudra along with other disciplines such as a healthy diet and regular exercise of postures for enhanced benefits.

Abnormal menstruation causes even more emotional troubles than normal women experiences during premenstrual symptoms or periods. The practice of yoga mudras also helps relieve the emotional changes that occur in you during menstruation. Mudras you can do (and which shouldn’t do) Only certain mudras are advised to practice during periods. According to Ayurveda, menstrual flow is governed by Vata dosha. It means there is an intense internal movement happening in the body during this time.

Therefore, during periods, one should focus on those mudras which calm down the Vata dosha to bring balance in three doshas; and so reduce pain.

You should not do mudras that increase body temperature during periods. Two such mudras are Surya mudra and linga mudra. Also, extreme endurance exercise could be a reason for irregular periods. Don’t practice yoga poses that exert pressure in the lower abdomen region during periods. Avoid practicing inversions like headstand, down dog, handstand, shoulder stand, etc.

Here are 3yoga mudras you can safely do during periods;

1. Yoni Mudra

2. Apana Mudra

3. Shakti Mudra

Yoga mudras benefit to the fullest when they are combined with meditation. You can adopt the mudras and sit peacefully for at least 15 minutes, concentrating on your breath.

Irregular menstrual cycles affect both the physical and mental well-being of the woman. Sometimes, delays or changes in the cycles leave u worried and stressed, which in turn damages the system more. Having stress is also one of the major reasons contributing to ur irregular menstruation. Thus, prioritize calmness through the practice of yoga, meditation, and yoga mudras to relieve you from stress. It will automatically make the system fall in place. By doing needed yoga, good diet can help you, yoga mudras can play an important role as they subtly work on various energies in the system. Mudras or any other yoga exercise for periods will work more efficiently when you make changes in your routine according to the yogic lifestyle. Try to follow a yoga diet, especially when doing mudras for regulating the menstrual cycle. Include sattvic food in your diet. Appropriate amounts of Vitamin D are good for keeping your period cycle regular.

Also one helpful video you can watch to know more about treating irregular periods problems.