How to Become a Modern Polymath?

Step 1: Creating an atypical combination of two or more skills that you’re merely competent in can lead to a world-class skill set.

Step 2: Creative breakthroughs come via making atypical combinations of skills.

Step 3: Become competent in a new skill.

  1. The quality of knowledge in every domain is improving. Researchers and practitioners are systematically improving and testing every field of knowledge to make it more robust. Cumulatively, old fallacious ideas are being discredited and new ideas are being added. The technology field is smarter than it was 20 years ago, for example. So are the fields of physics and biology.
  2. Second, there is an abundance of free or affordable content from the world’s top experts in every medium you can think of. Need a community and expert coaching? There are now hundreds of thousands of online courses and billions of online videos. This is the golden era for people who value learning, are willing to invest in themselves, and who are disciplined enough to take action on their own.

Step 4: Pioneer a new field, industry, or skill set.

Step 5: Future-proofs Your career.

  1. App developer
  2. Social media manager
  3. Driverless car engineer
  4. Cloud computing specialist
  5. Big data scientist
  6. YouTube content creator

Step 6: Solve more complex problems.

Step 7: Stand out and compete in the global economy.

  1. Decrease the supply (move the blue curve to the left).
  2. Increase the demand (move the red curve to the right).

How To Become a Modern Polymath



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