I am a UX Researcher + Visual Designer + Story Teller (Medium Blogs) I used to be an Entrepreneur, with a previous background in web development, app development, teaching, geospatial technologies, spiritual practices, book writing, and a few which I passively learned but didn't execute at all. I am truly passionate about understanding people's needs and devote myself to offering solutions through my problem-solving skills that can create a positive impact in the lives of millions of people. I have 5+ years of combined experience as a UX researcher, product designer, software engineer, and startup cofounder. I can design complex end-user products with a deep understanding of various UI/UX methodologies. Creativity is my superpower... it's my soul's purpose to offer myself in creating things. I am a rapid learner, so I can adapt myself to a completely new environment, culture, and routine. Armoring myself with needed skills whenever needed. "People are my passion and my curiosity in human behavior leads me in creating intuitive, clean, and aesthetically pleasing human-centered designs." (Copied from somewhere, but it resonates to me.) My key skills include: ⁃ Blog/Book Writing ⁃ Mindmapping ⁃ User Research (foundational research, competitive analysis, and testing) ⁃ Wireframing ⁃ Prototyping ⁃ Graphic Design - Figma ⁃ Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD) ⁃ Creative Direction ⁃ Story Telling ⁃ Public Speaking ⁃ HTML/CSS ⁃ JavaScript, Python, Java, Dart, Kotlin, VueJs, SQL When I'm not researching/designing... I write a blog on Medium about life-hacks, cryptos, and spiritual journeys. I am a vivid book reader, and I read books about the fundamentals of any topic. Currently, I am writing a fictional book, I have not decided on the title of the book yet! I also love meeting and chatting with other people... I like to explore both the outer and inner dimensions of life.