28Days of February: Daily Angamardana

Angamardana is one of the Hatha Yoga practices, I learned it back in May -June 2017 when I went to Isha Yoga Center for the 21 Days Hatha Yoga program. To know about the program watch this youtube video: Angamardhana — The Ultimate Fitness Session | Isha Hata Yoga

The whole idea behind including the Angamardana as part of 28 Days of a Month is to adopt it, to remain consistent with the practice, and make it a part of daily routine. I have never been able to remain consistent with Angamardana, and by making it part of this 28 Days Challenge for February month, I start the journey for getting habituated to the practice.

Day 1

If it was not for this blog, I would have skipped the practice today.
I woke up late today and was not able to finish Angamardana and Surya Kriya. So I decided to finish it in the evening. It was the commitment towards this challenge that I did Angamardana at 4:45 pm following all the prerequisite conditions I needed to follow. It took me 30mins(approx) to finish the entire set of practice excluding Veerasana. Spare me, I already mentioned above that I am resuming the practice after a long interval of time.

My mind was very much active while I was doing practice, Body was rigid, difficult to bend and twist my body. All kinds of thoughts related to work were coming to me. But I just kept on being aware of the steps I was doing. Yesterday only I finished Bhairavi Sadhana. It was all about the devotion. Devotion made everything easy. I tried to bring the same devotion in my practice, and I didn't realize how 30mins passed away, I could feel the sensation in different parts of my body. It felt soo good. Soon after the Angamardana, I started doing preparatory asanas for Surya Kriya.
Tomorrow I will start my practice in the early morning, let me plan to wake up around 6 am at least.

Day 2

I woke up late, I wanted to start my practices at 6 am but I got late. I started doing Angamardana at 6:58 am, my body was rigid and heavy. It took me even more time to finish, compared to yesterday, that is 37mins. It was even harder today to bend and twist my body. But somehow I finished the practice and felt relaxed. Thoughts were lesser compared to yesterday, I was observing the sensations happening across all parts of my body. I think that though there was a regression compared to yesterday when it comes to ease of doing practice even then the mind was stable and relaxed.

Day 3–12

My grandfather passed away a few days back because of which I was unable to update a blog about Angamardana. But I made sure that I do not skip the practice, that is the reason sometimes I practiced Angamardna in the morning and sometimes in the evening.



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