28 Days of February Report

Aakash S
2 min readMar 2, 2022


I started the 28 Days of Month challenge at the beginning of a month. I can say that I almost was successful with the challenge but there were some hurdles I faced. I have created this report as an outcome of my self-reflection so that I can bring changes to the upcoming month’s challenges.

As of 16th Feb 2022:

  • I was regular with doing Yogic Practices,
  • Writing a daily blog on cryptocurrencies and blockchain was tough, most of my time is occupied by things I have been learning about UX. Till now I have finished 5 blogs on blockchain whereas by today I should have completed 16 blogs in total, few times I felt like quitting a challenge or starting fresh next month but that will be fooling me. So I have decided to finish 28 blogs on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency anyhow by the end of this month.

As of 28th Feb 2022:

  • I completed a total of 24 blogs on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
  • In the last 2 days, I got much busy finishing up some UX-related work. Also after writing the 24 blogs, I started to question myself about researching more about crypto investment. Of course, it would be a better thing to finish the remaining 4 blogs but I feel that I should do that whenever I get some free time.
  • On 1st March was Mahashivratri 2022 celebration in Isha Foundation at 6 pm, By the morning of 1st March, I need to finish some planning for the 28 Days of March. I will be keeping myself awake for the entire night in order to celebrate Mahashivratri. I might not be able to start 28 Days ofMarch on 1st March. I might start the challenge on 4th March instead, as I have to change the orders of the challenges.

2nd March 2022:

After going through self-reflection, and analyzing the various aspects I faced during the previous month, I decided that I will utilize 28 Days of March to build my foundation strong for what I will be pursuing further.

That is why I have updated the objectives for the 28 Days of March.

  • 3 Surya Kriya Daily
  • Angamardana Daily
  • Shakti Chalana Kriya — 2 times/day
  • Practicing Communication
  • Speed Reading (800 wpm)
  • Finishing UX Project.
  • Sleeping only 4:30hrs a day.

Also, I won’t be writing a daily blog now, I will prefer “quality over quantity”.
I will be doing deliberate practice on the above objectives along with finishing up some UX-based projects, from 4th March — 31st March(28 days!!). I will write a few blogs in between based on what I have learned.




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